International Association of Process Oriented Psychology

IAPOP is an international Association of practitioners of Process Oriented Psychology.  Currently its membership spans nineteen countries and conducts training activities in even more – Aotearoa – New Zealand, Australia, Brasil, Canada, Denmark, East Africa, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Palestine, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States.

Within an ever-changing world Process Oriented Psychology is an evolving field whose practitioners work in a broad range of areas including such clinical applications as psychotherapy, mind-body medicine and coma work, as well as conflict resolution, community development, leadership training and organizational development.  Through IAPOP, practitioners collaborate widely, give and receive feedback, promote diversity, share research and develop the standards that are shared among the various training programs internationally.

IAPOP members associate out of their shared values, vision and goals, support for diversity, creativity, relationship and the exciting range of research and practice within our professional community.


IAPOP Conferences

The first IAPOP Conference, Deep Democracy, where fields meet”, was held in London in 2007.  It showcased the diverse range of applications of individual practitioners

The second IAPOP Conference was held in Portland, Oregon, in 2010, focusing on Community and Global Health.

In 2012 the  IAPOP Conference will be in Zurich, Switzerland, its topic being “Worldwork: Bridging Worlds and Facilitation Methods.”

IAPOP Affiliates

Global Process Institute (GPI) Its mission is to facilitate an international learning and research community with a special focus on conflict facilitation and transformation, psycho-social capacity building, and training of conflict facilitators.  IAPOP with GPI conducts Worldwork seminars. In these settings diverse groups from many countries come together to participate and train in facilitation through addressing the conflicts that arise between them.  Worldwork seminars are held bi-annually in different locations around the world.  The next Worldwork seminar will be held in Denver Colorado in 2011.

The Deep Democracy Institute provides worldwide diverse and multidimensional Leadership Training Programs. They are designed to teach skills and attitudes to unfold the potentials of organizations, teams, and communities.

CFOR (Force for Change): Centred in the UK, CFOR facilitates and trains facilitators. Its goal is ‘a facilitator at every table’, from the kitchen to the negotiating table. When people can facilitate awareness of the polarized dynamics and violence they suffer from, community becomes a protective and creative force, that prevents violence and transforms the future.

Veterans for Ethical Warfare : Centred in the US, VFEW hosts trainings and practices in the facilitation of intensely polarized issues and organizes forums where individuals and groups from a broad perspective of views, backgrounds, and experiences can interact.