work picNicole Kinnaird

Nicole graduated from the ANZPOP Diploma program in 2012. She also has a Bachelor of Social Work (1997) and a Diploma of Remedial Massage (2000). She currently works in private practice in Brisbane and has been working as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist with adults, couples, families, young people, children and groups for 19 years.

She is experienced in facilitating and co-facilitating groups on all sorts of topics. She finds significant benefits and inspiration for all are to be gained from group work. Her groups focus on: Ancestry, Creativity, Parenting, Self-care and Mindfulness practices.

Aside from working with her clients, she is also passionate about maintaining a vibrant relationship life with herself, her partner and children and has a special interest in body based healing methods, music, art, dreams and being in Nature. Her main passion and purpose currently is to continue to follow her dreaming path in relation to deepening a connection to her Ancestry, this beautiful and ancient land of Australia, and exploring how this connectivity and healing may also extend to the relationships between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians.

Her thesis entitled “Deep Democracy in the Australian context: A personal exploration with Ancestry” was inspired by the synchronistic ‘discovery’ of her Ancestors gravesite at the site of World work in 2006 in Collaroy, Sydney. It can be found here:

She has been attending ANZPOP Faculty meetings for the last few years and in February 2016 made her ‘debut’ teaching appearance when she co-facilitated a weekend training workshop called “Process Work Learning. A Way of walking in the World” with Sherry Marshall in Sydney. She is looking forward to further teaching opportunities with ANZPOP J