diplomaThe Diploma Program

The Australian and New Zealand Diploma program provides a practice based training in Process-oriented therapy and facilitation. It is at minimum, a four year training incorporating personal development (i.e. awareness of one’s own process) in addition to the theory and practice necessary for clinical competency. When studied part –time, completion of the program will take longer.

The Process oriented paradigm brings a new dimension to psychological practice in that it values and includes both inner and outer experiences and provides tools to work with the dynamic relationship between them in both individual and group work. The training is not an end in itself, but a gate through which students follow their wider path as psychotherapists and facilitators in the helping professions. The training is for both practicing psychotherapists and facilitators and those who are seeking to qualify for practice. We hope that the supportive and rigorous nature of the program will help you in your personal and professional development and bring greater awareness to your relationship with yourself, others and the world.

Through IAPOP, the ANZPOP Diploma Program is networked to training programs in other countries. Core curriculum is consistent throughout these networked, but independent programs, several of which have been accredited by their national Psychotherapy Accreditation Boards.  ANZPOP offers the Diploma course locally and also encourages students to avail themselves of opportunities offered at overseas centres, such as the Process Work Institute (PWI) of Portland.

The Diploma Program has two phases each of which includes an evaluation process. The course consists of experiential workshops, seminars, small learning groups, project-based learning and supervised work experience in the industry. It is designed to support your learning in a way that utilizes your creativity, skills and learning style. Graduates of the course are usually involved in direct client work with individuals, couples, families and groups, as psychotherapists and group facilitators. They utilise advanced skills and may have responsibility for the supervision of other staff.

The ANZPOP Diploma of Process Oriented Psychology is a qualification modelled on the standards of the Australian Qualification Framework. Please note that graduates are required to practice according to industry standards of ethical practice for psychotherapists and have an understanding of Australian and New Zealand’s indigenous culture and histories. An understanding of issues pertaining to communities where English may be a second language is also required and training in these areas is compulsory in the first phase of the four-year program.


Course Outcomes Embedded in a Community of Practice 

The Diploma is designed so that students can pace their study according to their individual needs and resources.  Regardless of the time it takes to complete the competency requirements, the course is designed to ensure that theoretical study and application of process oriented methods occurs within a community of practice.

In this way the Process oriented model involves the student in several levels of practice eg personal work in therapy, reflective work in supervision and the student learning group, and community interaction at the local, national and international levels.


Admission to the Program

Please note that it takes more than a conscious choice to enroll in the Diploma program. In order to understand the scope of study, it is recommended that prospective students gain some familiarity with the Process work paradigm through attendance at public workshops that are held throughout the year. In addition, your intention to enter the program and to work with others must be supported by an account of a strong inner direction, including an account of dreams, life events and synchronicities that indicate this direction.  We ask that you explore this dream or experience with two ANZPOP facilitators and include an account of this work in your written application.

Your application for admission should include curriculum vitae outlining your interest in the Diploma, your background and any previous training and experience in working in a professional or voluntary capacity with people particularly as a therapist, counsellor and or facilitator. Contact details for two referees who can attest to your suitability are required. Applicants will be asked about their support systems and will be assessed on their suitability for the program.

Your written application along with an application fee of $300 is sent to the ANZPOP Administrator. Within one month of receiving your application the Admissions Committee will contact you to organise your interview. Enrolment begins with the Admission Committee’s recommendation of acceptance to the program and payment of the annual student fee.


Download your Application Pack here:  Diploma_Program_Application.pdf